The main areas of the engineering activities of JSC Ukrnaftokhimproect are:

• Development of feasibility studies and investments in the construction of modern integrated refining and petrochemical industries, providing the depth of processing raw materials up to 95%, the corresponding figures of Nelson up to 12 units, as well as meeting the modern requirements for energy efficiency, energy conservation and limiting the negative impact on the environment.

• Development of design and working documentation for building new and renovating existing processing plants and refining complexes, ensuring the production of high quality fuels that meet the standards of the Euro-4, Euro-5, high-performance lubricants, compounded with multifunctional additives packages, the gaseous fuel, construction and road bitumen, as well as raw materials for the related industries.

• Development of design and working documentation for building new and renovating existing infrastructure of refineries, including:

– piping, cable, railroad and road communications;

- automated oil-handling units and viaducts;

- pump and reservoir parks (including tanks such as "glass in glass");

- heat and power supply facilities - boilers, heat exchangers, water recycling units, compressor stations, providing compression and air drying, collection and purification plants for steam condensate, compensator substations, etc;

- structures of integrated sewage treatment and hazardous emissions;

- technological facilities to ensure auxiliary processes - packaging commodity petroleum products in the consumer and industrial packaging, their temporary storage and shipment to consumers (lubricating oils, lubricants, bitumen, sulfur, paraffin, liquefied gases, etc.);

- facilities for maintenance and repair of equipment, buildings and facilities, including repair and engineering and construction workshops, garages and service stations of special equipment, units for fueling machinery with liquid and gaseous fuels, as well as for charging the batteries of electric floor machinery;

- facilities that ensure the implementation of special events at the plant - fire stations, gas saving station equipment for internal security, vaults to shelter workers and areas resistant to explosions, etc;

- facilities providing residential and social servicing of the employees - administrative buildings, dining halls, health centers, etc.

• Designing for special engineering-geological conditions - increased seismicity, subsiding soils, underflooded territory, etc.

• Development and implementation of regulatory and technical documents.

• Development of production schedules for the operation of facilities.

• Development of special sections of project documents - ensuring fire safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency requirements, engineering and technical civil defense, the declaration of industrial and fire safety.

• Execution of special calculations for security, defined by characteristics of designed objects - calculations of the energy potentials of objects, categories of indoor and outdoor facilities for explosion-fire potential, the overpressure developing in the combustion gas-air mixtures, zones, borders, explosion-fire hazardous zones, fire indicator facilities, fire steam curtains etc;

• Execution of special calculations for strength, durability and reliability of designed buildings and structures;

• Providing services to Customers on the development of design documentation for non-standard technological equipment and the placement of orders for its manufacturing at the engineering organizations and companies - Partners of the institute.