Company's History


USSR State Planning Commission order about bringing the institution of Ukrgiproshaht "to carry out research and development works for the petroleum, petrochemical and gas industries". The Council of Ministers of USSR from 11.06.1959 "Ukrgiproshaht" transformed into "UkrNIIproekt.


Due to changes in management structure of Soviet industry, oil profile has been imposed from the "UkrNIIproekt". On the basis of units of oil-oriented units and the Lviv branch of the Institute, Ukrainian scientific-research and design institute of oil and petroleum industry "UkrNIIgiproneft was founded.


Due to division of the Ministry of Oil Industry, the Ministry of Oil and Gas and the Ministry of petroleum refining industry were formed, Institute for Oil Refining and Petrochemicals "VNIIPKneftehim" was established.


Minisry of Oil and Chemical Industry order about creating on the basis of Institute "VNIIPKneftehim" — Scientific Production Association for light-duty lubricants "MASMA".


Reorganization of the SPA "MASMA" and creation of the separate design institute "Ukrgiproneftehim" with direct subordination to State Ministry of Chemical Industry of Ukraine.


Corporatization. State Comitee for Oil and Gas order established OJSC "Ukrnaftokhimproect", which became the legal successor of the Institute "Ukrgiproneftehim".


For the implementation of the Law of Ukraine "About Joint Stock Companies" and the protocol of regular general meeting of shareholders, Open Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Institute for design of refining and petrochemical plants "Ukrnaftokhimproect" was renamed to Public Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Institute for design of refining and petrochemical plants "Ukrnaftokhimproect" (abbreviated as Public JSC "Ukrnaftokhimproect").

Ukraine became the third former Soviet republic, which in 1958 established a comprehensive research and design institute for oil sector.

In the basis of government decisions, was a clear recognition of significant scientific, technological and industrial potential of Ukraine, the growing demand of our developing economy, a wide range of petroleum products, a strategically important geographical location of its territory.

Objectives set by the Government were to provide significant funding and permission to bring in specialists from other regions of the former USSR. Through effective management of the first leaders of the institute, the logistical and manpower base was laid quickly.

In 1967 our company moved to a new building on Kudryavskiy descent. To date, the total area of production and support facilities of the Head Office of the Institute is more than 10 000 m2. We have a wide range of modern communication tools, as well as sources of energy, including our own mini-boiler.

Since its foundation, the Institute rapidly expanded its capacity and simultaneously served as the designer for industrial enterprises of Ukraine and other former Soviet republics. Geography of the executed works covers all major oil refineries of the former Soviet Union.

With our participation, unique technological systems were built, including plants for the thermal effluent disposal, the production of synthetic oils, greases and high-performance additives for lubricants, polypropylene and ethylene complexes, underground storage of petroleum products, more than 20 plants for the road and construction bitumen non-compression method production. Institute's participation in the construction of Ukrainian refining industry enterprises - Lisichansky, Kherson and the Kremenchug refineries is significant, and the Institute is the present chief designer of them.

New stage of development of the Institute began at the beginning of 21st century. After going through a difficult period associated with the rupture of economic ties and the general downturn in the economy, transforming into Joint Stock Company, the institute "Ukrnaftokhimproect" has become a modern engineering company.

Effective redistribution of shares and private investment provided us with substantial quality changes: technical re-equipment of the Institute was implemented, its production and auxiliary facilities renovated. 100% of designers' workspaces are equipped with personal computers with licensed software, including unique programs for simulation of technological processes and 3D-design.

More than 40 procedures (company standards), which completely govern the design process were developed, implemented and continuously improved. All this has allowed to certify the institute for international quality management system, to obtain the relevant certificate of ISO 9001:2008.

Due to the cooperation with leading design and engineering enterprises of the CIS, the Institute has expanded the scope of services provided to customers, including providing a coordinating role for the development of design documentation and manufacturing of process equipment for the designed facilities and complexes. Also there is close cooperation with companies - licensees of modern technological processes, the leading engineering companies in Europe and the U.S., as well as major producers of special equipment. The Institute established subdivision to provide services of implementing commissioning works and field supervision of construction projects.

Accumulated experience and basic transformations fill the staff of "Ukrnaftokhimproect" with confidence and optimism about the future, expecting for a worthy place among the leading engineering companies of the CIS countries and Europe.