Supervision and Engineering Support

Monitoring compliance with the design, construction schedules, regulatory requirements, quality of construction works:

Selection and review of project design documents and equipment manufacturers documentation.

Compilation and preparation for register of technical documentation for the vessels and piping.

Survey and assessment, together with customer's technical supervision employees and construction and installation organizations, of works, hidden in the subsequent works execution.

Execution quality control of the main types of construction works.

Compiling lists of imperfections and defects in installation, monitoring their elimination.

Execution of, when ready, intermediate acceptance and testing of buildings and structures.

Participation in audits conducted by state regulatory bodies, state acceptance, and conformity for the project coming into the installation of equipment, in assessing the quality of its installation, complex testing and acceptance.

Availability and accuracy control over executive and technical documentation.

Control over the execution of construction and assembly organizations guidelines and regulations of copyright and public oversight, as well as the requirements for professional mechanical Customer service related to issues of quality of carried out construction works and used products, materials and equipment.

Participation in the commissions on acceptance of equipment for comprehensive testing.