Social Policy

Social policy occupies a special place in the formation of employee motivation and improvement of their work.

Public JSC "Ukrnaftokhimproect" realizes incentives and guarantees in the social protection of workers by applicable law (social insurance by age, on the occasion of temporary disability, unemployment, etc.), and provides its employees with additional benefits that relate to the elements of material and moral incentives . Providing additional incentives and encouragements of a social nature, in excess of mandatory under the law, is held to the principles of social personnel policy based on collective bargaining agreements between management and trade union committee and the special provisions of the collective agreement.

In addition, the company offers its employees additional benefits, which are elements of material incentives. Extra benefits and services of social character, over and above the mandatory payments, are initiated by an administration that embodies the principles of social personnel policies, and as a result of collective bargaining agreements between management and trade union committee.

As an instrument of motivation and encouraging of employees, social policy of "Ukrneftehimproekt" provides decisions regarding the following aspects:

• selection of forms for providing benefits, services, payments and their types;

• estimation of potential payments based on the goals and financial capabilities of the enterprise;

• differentiation in size of payments for categories of staff according to seniority, qualifications, performance and individual circumstances of employees.

The list of payments, benefits and social services that are provided by "Ukrneftehimproekt" in various forms and approved in the Collective Agreement, which provides:

• additional paid employee vacation lasting from 1 to 3 days for marriage, birth, death of relatives;

• providing paid educational vacations to employees combining work and study;

• payment of employee training courses and seminars;

• primary health care services to nonresidents;

• subsidies and disability benefits;

• monetary reward, which is provided in case of personal celebrations, work activity anniversaries or holidays (in form of cash or gifts);

• providing the use of service car;

• retirement payments, taking into account the position and seniority of the employee in the enterprise;

• financial assistance for young professionals renting apartments;

• loans for housing repairs;

• use of holiday camps, health resorts;

• providing help in case of extreme accidents.

Social policy is an integral part of a mechanism to improve the quality of the labor force and the conditions for its effective use. Objects of the social policy influence are not only active employees, but also retired veterans of labor.