Engineering Survey

Topography, geodesic works:

Collection, study and analysis of topographic and geodesic materials. Forming of topographic and geodesic works' programs and projects. Topographic and geodetic survey of future building sites. Participation in the selection of a construction site. Planning and height control of topographic surveys. Topographic surveys of facilities. Area, scale and interval contour of topographic base. Fieldwork on underground and aboveground utility networks.

Surveying linear facilities:

The pipelines, power lines, existing internal roads and railways syrvey in accordance with the instructions of execution of these works.

Geological engineering works:

Geological engineering survey of platforms and tracks with the issuance of initial data for the extent, based on design stage, type, class, and design features of buildings and facilities as indicated in the survey assignment.

Assignments on the geological engineering surveys for construction site selection is issued in set form. Assignments on survey for the master plan development and design of individual buildings and structures is issued with the application containing situational plan and indicating survey boundaries or general plan with designed buildings placing and their construction characteristics.