Engineering and Calculation Works

Durability department and engineering department are working on the basis of the Kharkov branch of JSC "Ukrnaftokhimproect".

Durability department list of works:

Strength analysis and mathematical modeling:

• calculations on the strength, stability and integrity of tanks, vessels and pipelines working under pressure according to the norms of Ukraine, Russia, the U.S. and the EU;

• calculations on the strength, stability, wind and seismic impacts for constructions of any complexity, using the finite element method with the geometrical and physical nonlinearity, thermal stress (software packages ANSYS, Scad office);

• improving equipment performance parameters (pressure, temperature) and corrosion resistance;

• expertise of foreign projects of imported equipment for accordance with applicable standards in Ukraine;

• computer modeling of processes hydro gas dynamics and heat exchange;

• performing calculations on the strength and stiffness of pipelines along with machines using "Ansys" software, or separate from the pipelines with complex spatial configuration and large temperature fluctuations (eg transfer pipelines);

• expert survey (technical diagnostics) of the current technological equipment of increased danger subordinated to Gosgorpromnadzor of Ukraine, conducted with both non-destructive testing (VT, PT, MT, UT, AT), and destructive methods of control and determining safety resource of its further operation;

• technical examination of the vessels using the acoustic emission method;

• calculation of structures containing defects in welded joints and in the base metal.

Engineering department list of works::

1. Develops sketches, technical and working projects for:

• process equipment for rectification, distillation and absorption (column)

• heat-exchange equipment (shell and tube heat exchangers, plate, shell and plate, "pipe in pipe", air heaters, high pressure heat exchangers (over 16 MPa);

• evaporator equipment (tube evaporators, submersible combustion machines, rotary machines);

• crystallization equipment;

• vessel equipment;

• racks, underground storage covers, tall flares;

• reactors;

• pipelines.

2. Performs equipment placement.